2018 Photographer Holiday Gift Guide

It’s that time of year again, and I know my family always has trouble knowing what to get me, so i thought i’d put together this gift guide for anyone who has a photographer in their life that they need to buy presents for. There’s something for everyone in almost any price range.

The traveler, the cell phone photog, the constant learner, the heavy editor (me), the beginner or the seasoned pro, these are gifts that are sure to please. I see a lot of “photographer” gift guides out there and I feel like they are mostly full of cheesy knick-knacks that won’t get used and are a waste of money so I tried to only put things on here that I think any photographer at any level would truly want. In fact most of it are things i use myself almost every day.

Hope this helps and let me know if you buy anything for that special photographer in your life… Even if that yourself.


Under $100

Over $100

Make sure to keep checking back cause i’ll keep adding things as I think of them up until christmas!

And if all else fails you can always go with the one thing every photographer can use.

Happy Holidays!!!!

Robert Wagner