80's Swimwear


When Jess got a hand-me-down swim suit straight out of the 80’s we knew we had to shoot it. We wanted to play off that vintage feel so we found this cool old pool at a campground in Marblehead, OH and snuck in early in the morning to shoot. As a photographer you a lot of times have to take liberties with “private property” it’s always easier to ask for forgiveness instead of permission, especially when it’s spur of the moment and you’re just using available light. The spot fit my vision perfectly and we bought a chair from target to complete the look.  

I will say that no matter where you shoot and whether you have permission or not (but especially if not) that you should always leave a place in the condition you found it. If you move something move it back, be careful not to break anything and be considerate of anyone around you.  

For editing I wanted to match that vintage feel so I tried to emulate film with lots of grain and blurring out parts of the image to make it feel like it was shot on a vintage camera.

I’m a notorious over shooter and for this shoot I forgot my memory cards for my D850 and had one 16GB CF card for my D800 which holds just about 200 images. and this was our third location of the morning. So we only had about 50 clicks of the shutter left so in a way if went back to a slower paced shooting style like film. Obviously, I could delete as needed or if a shot was obviously terrible. But it did force me to slow down and be more deliberate every time I pushed the shutter button.

I showed these images to a friend of mine and he described them as Wendy Peffercorn (The Sandlot lifeguard) meets Breaking Bad. Which I think hit the nail directly on the head. Thanks for taking a look, hope you enjoy!



Robert Wagner